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Miguel del Aguila:

"I greatly enjoyed this recording. Not only for the excellent performance of Pacific Serenade but for the entire selection. All the tracks present little gems of mainly Latin American music, all played with beautiful musicality and refinement. Don't play this CD while you drive; you won't want to arrive to your destination!"


The Blue Estuaries (1986-89)
Winter Dances (1991)
Trois Morceaux (1977)
on the CD 
John David Earnest: World Premiere Recordings

performed by Judith Kellock, soprano; Ensemble X; Sebastian Gottschalk, conductor;
and Mariam Adam, clarinet; Peter Sanders, cello; Evelyn Ulex, piano; 
Hrabba Atladottir, violin

2008 release, Koch International Classics, KIC-CD-7555
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