Evelyn Ulex (piano) - Mariam Adam (clarinet)

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TransAtlantic Ensemble, live at LPR - NYC



Hailing from Berlin and New York with “talent that can only be described as transformative,” the TransAltantic Ensemble has been making music on both sides of the Atlantic since 2005. As a forum for two dynamic leaders in today's generation of chamber musicians, this ensemble of clarinet and piano is dedicated to directing the course of classical music's evolution.

The Ensemble’s innovative repertoire, dynamic sound and engaging stage presence attracts audiences from the contemporary, crossover, classical, and jazz worlds.

According to Feast of Music, “Transatlantic Ensemble is redefining classical music, making it accessible and relevant to our times. By adding elements of jazz and Latin music, they create a global sound that everyone can relate to.”

Their international tours have included appearances in New York's Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, Music Festival in Costa Rica and repeat performances throughout Germany.

Central to the TransAtlantic Ensemble’s mission is collaborating with living composers. Their ongoing relationships with Paquito D'Rivera, Miguel del Aguila, Valerie Coleman, Jeff Scott, Mohammed Fairouz and Richard Padron have resulted in significant contributions to the clarinet and piano repertoire.
Interaction with audiences is a hallmark of TransAtlantic performances. The multilingual ensemble members enthusiastically communicate their love of live chamber music to music lovers of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.” Transatlantic Ensemble’s superb musicianship combined with their comfortable and cool stage presence makes them a joy to behold.”

They can be heard on E1 Entertainment (Koch classics) and Eroica.



Crossing America

Eroica Classical Recordings

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Miguel del Aguila:
"I greatly enjoyed this recording. Not only for the excellent performance of Pacific Serenade but for the entire selection. All the tracks present little gems of mainly Latin American music, all played with beautiful musicality and refinement. Don't play this CD while you drive; you won't want to arrive to your destination!"










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